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100Pcs 10 Sizes Spring Steel Clip Fuel Oil Water Hose Clips Silicone Pipe Clamp

  • $24.66

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold

Diameter Quantity
6mm 10Pcs
8mm 10Pcs
10mm 10Pcs
12mm 10Pcs
14mm 10Pcs
15mm 10Pcs
16mm 10Pcs
18mm 10Pcs
20mm 10Pcs
22mm 10Pcs
Total 100Pcs

a.Fit for air hose tube, water pipe, fuel pipe, silicone vacuum hose, etc.
b.100 pcs spring clips in 10 differrent sizes will be sold together.
c.Exquisite, beautiful, practical and convenient.
d.a variety of fast connection, and the pump inlet and outlet to connect fastening, prevent water pipes are used
for a long time after aging loose off phenomenon.

Package Included
100PcsTube Clamp Fastener (10 Sizes)

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