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100mm Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror Crystal Crystals Seconds Gemstone Mineral

  • $28.71

100mm Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror Crystal Seconds Gemstone Mineral
Type: Minerals/ Crystals
Color: Black
Material: Obsidian
Size: App 100mm*15mm
Used in past Shamanic ceremonies to "travel" to the affected part of the body and to remove physical disorders
by bring them to the surface and turning them into white light. Black Obsidian is an excellent grounding stone.
It is also both protective and stabilizing.
Black Obsidian is excellent at bringing any emotional imbalance to the surface so that other stones and crystals may help to clear it away.
It helps us to find the hidden factors surrounding a situation so that we may take the best course of action to
address that situation. It helps us to retain our balance in times of change.
Black Obsidian is also very good for helping us to let go of the past and breaking past habits that are no longer
Traditionally, Black Obsidian was the stone used for "gazing" or "scrying" and can provide us with an insight into
the future. It helps to strengthen our power of prophecy.
Package Included:
1 x Black Obsidian Mirror Crystal
More Details:

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