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100g Silver Glitter for Emulsion Paint Shiny Stars Moons Rainbow Decorations

  • $18.19

Materal: PET
Color: Silver
Shape: Star & Moon
Nail polish, evening dress,
shoes, hats,
handbags, headwear,
woolen, beaded,
lamp decoration, arts and crafts
a Amazing holographic rainbow effect
b100g treats 2.5 litres of emulsion paint
c No need to buff surface to release the stars and moons, hundreds will lie flat on the surface, rejecting the top paint film.
d These Holographic stars & moons reflect light amazingly well and will sparkle even in normal lighting conditions.
e Perfect for childrens rooms (and big kids rooms too)!
f So easy to use, just sprinkle into a standard emulsion paint and brush or roll on as normal
Package Included
1 x 100g Glitter

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