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10 Inch Woofer Speaker Foam Surround Edge Replacement Repair Kit for Cerwin Vega

  • $19.74

Material: Foam
Size: 10"
Outer Diameter: 9.75" / 245mm
Outer Roll Diameter: 8.9375" / 225mm
Cone Diameter: 7.625" / 194mm
Inner Diameter: 7" / 178mm
Roll Width: 5/8" / 16mm
Inner Attachment: Angled
Fits: for Cerwin Vega 101W-2, 101W2, 101-W2, 102-WT, 102WT, 240-SE, 240SE, 250-SE, 250SE, AT-10, AT10, ATW-10, ATW10, AT-40, AT40, D-2, D2, D-3, D3, D3E, D-3E, DX-3, DX3, DCW-10, DCW10, DXW-10, DXW10, LW-10, LW10, M-40, M40, RE-25, RE25, U-10, U10, U-103, U103, V-10, V10, VS-100, VS100, VSW-10, VSW10, W-10, W10, HED-10, HED10, W10-4, W104 and others that match the measurements above.
- Up for your consideration is a professional quality speaker surround repair kit for your 10 inch speakers.
- Use only the highest quality high density polyether surrounds.
- The surrounds are exact replacements, double laminated with red poly coating on the top.
Package Included:
2 x 10" Speaker Surround Foams
1 x Adhesive
More Details:

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