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10 inch Ceramic Water Filter Candle Gravity Element Purifier Cleaning

  • $19.74

Type: For Desktop Faucet Water Filter
Filtration Precision: 0.1μm
Filter Element: Activated Carbon
Material: Ceramic
Color: White
Size: 25 x 5cm
1.Gravity filter elements utilize class leading silver impregnated ceramic micro porous outer shell combined with core technology.

2. Light quality, high porosity, capacity less than 0.8g/cm3.
3. The pore size distribution is uniform, and the filtration accuracy is high, and can reach 0.1μm, is higher than the ordinary PP cotton filter.
4. Self-cleaning situation is good, no pollution.
5. Can be repeated cleaning (cleaning brush, sandpaper, rinse or wash).
6. High temperature firing diatomite, activated carbon and nano KDF can remove chlroine balls, maifan stone balls, anti bacteria diatoms fossil, etc.

Filter principle:
-The ceramic filter built-in food grade phosphate crystal silicon, can effectively remove the scale, rust red impurity sediment bacteria.
-The aperture diameter and diatomite particles itself, bacteria and viruses in water filtration, bacteria removal rate is more than 99%.

Product is fragile, please place carefully.
Package Included:
1 x Ceramic Water Filter

More Details:

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