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10/20/25/30M Automatic Drip Irrigation System Watering Garden Plant Hose Kit

  • $16.62

Connector,Tee,Dripper,Fixing Pole:Plastic
Hose Size: 4/7mm(Outer diameter:7mm,Inner diameter:4mm)
Hose Length: 10/20/25/30meters/(393.70''/784.40''/984.25''/1181')

1.Drip kit can be directly connected to the threaded faucet (washing machine faucet or PVC plastic pipe top), convenient and practical;
2.Application of cuttable hoses to adapt to fixed conditions,more flexible;
3.Automatic watering and time saving, don't need to worry about your plants anymore;
4.Each single drip head can be adjusted as different plants need.You can also simply turn off individual emitters temporarily,water saving and adjustable;
5.Great for agriculture, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse ,swimming pool misting fog cooling/irrigation, watering, greenhouse, humidification, balcony cooling, irrigation (watering flowers, grass, vegetables).

Package Included:
1)10M 34Pcs Set (10 Drippers)
1 x 10m PVC Hose(4/7mm)
1 x Sealing Tape
2 x Faucet Connectors
10 x Closeable Drippers
10 x 4/7mm Tees
10 x Fixing Poles

2)20m 80Pcs Set (25 Drippers)
1 x 20m Hose(4/7mm)
1 x Quick Connector
1 x Sealing Tape
2 x Faucet Connectors
25 x Closeable Drippers
25 x 4/7mm Tees
25 x Fixing Poles

3)25m 95Pcs Set (30 Drippers)
1 x 25m Hose(4/7mm)
1 x Quick Connector
1 x Sealing Tape
2 x Faucet Connectors
30 x Closable Drippers
30 x 4/7mm Tees
30 x Fixing Poles

4)30M 165Pcs Set (20 Drippers)
1 x 30m PVC Hose(4/7mm)
1 x Sealing Tape
1 x Hole Punch
2 x Faucet Connectors
20 x Nozzles
20 x Closeable Drippers
20 x Plugs
20 x Single Barbs
20 x Double Barbs
20 x Flat Barb Tees
20 x 4/7mm Tees
20 x Fixing Poles

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