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1 Pair Breathable Medical Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace Right Left Hand Splint Support Arthritis Sprain Gym Hand Protector Forearm Band Orthotic Brace Band Belt 3 Adjustable Removable

  • $14.33

Material OK Cloth
Size 20x21cm(L)
Weight Approx. 70g
Color Black

1. Applicable to carpal fracture fixation, carpal ligament injury curing, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fractures, sprains or strains, sports Injuries.
2. Surrounded by a metal bar, to enhance the fixed effect.
3. Multiple pressure gluing adjustment elastic belts, also suitable for postoperative rehabilitation.
4. Pressure belt can prevent displacement or falling.
5. Easy to use, easy to fix, good ventilation.
6. Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear and night use.
7. Aluminum strips can be removed and hand wash only.
Avoiding Use:
1. The skin is with some lumps;
2. Bleeding tendency (thrombocytopenia, leukemia);
3. Skin lesions ulcers.

Package Included:
1 x Left Wrist Support Brace Splint
1 x Right Wrist Support Brace Splint

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