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IPRee Outdoor Paracord Storage Reel Bobbin Bracket Winder Rope Organizer For Camping Hiking

  • $9.35

Brand IPRee®
Item Outdoor Paracord Storage Reel
Material Plastic
Color Black
Size 19 x 14.5cm/ 7.48 x 5.71inch
Weight 0.036kg

Made by high-impact plastic, so durable and stable.
The built-in handle makes it easy to coil rope, cord, string, yarn, extension cords, holiday lights and more onto the line winder for easy organization and line storage.
The organizer with teeth can bite paracord tightly. Can keep cords easily and easy to put in your camping or bug out bag.
Help keep cord organized and free from knots. Save valuble time to untangling lines and ropes! No Messy Lines any more.
Perfect for paracord, rope, cord, wire, line and more. Great for home improvement projects.
Package Included:
1 x Outdoor Paracord Storage Reel

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