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AF2000-02 1/4 Compressor Pressure Regulator Pneumatic Air Filter"

  • $10.29

The system pressure of the air source treatment use, environment temperature and high pressure range should conform to the numerical of the table as follows:
Max. Working Pressure: 1.0Mpa (10.2kgf/cm²)
Regulating Range: 0.05~0.85Mpa (0.51~8.7kgf/cm²)
Enviroment and Media Temaperature: 5~60℃
Advice Oil: NO.1 Oil
Valve Type: Overflow Type

Hose Connector Thread Type: 1/4
Size (L*W*H): 9.8 x 4 x 4cm
Package Included:
1 x AF2000-02 1/4" Compressor Air Filter (Differential Pressure Drainage Type)

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