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3m Long Safety Caution Reflective Tape Warning Tape Sticker Self Adhesive Tape 6 Colors

  • $9.28

Reflective tape is a kind of light can reflective in the dark and the night. A reflective tape, play a warning and reminder role, mainly for the Road transport facilities, vehicles, ships, fairways, stage, a variety of channels and related mechanical equipment.

1. Surface is hexagonal honeycomb patterns. There are three-dimensional. Good Viscous, waterproof, long service life, strong reflectivity.
2. Reflective film can clearly outline the contours of the car body, helping to identify the vehicle type, size, and avoid accident happen.
3. Good quality adhesive reflective film and the board can combine solid, not easy to fall off.

Material: Reflective tape
Width: 5cm / 2"
Length: 3 meters
Optional Color: Yellow,Blue,Red,Orange,White,Green
Quantity: 1pc

Notice: This kind of tape is reflective tape, when met lights irradiated it will be reflective in the dark night! Not self-luminous. Tape itself does not emit light!

Package included:
1 x Reflective Safety Warning Tape

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