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33x33x34mm Defective Cross Optical Glass Dichroic X-Cube Prism RGB Combiner Splitter Prism

  • $25.81

Material: K9 Glass
Size: 33x33x34mm
Application: For Physical Experiment, Teaching Tool, Desktop Decoration
- The so-called color combination means to light and, with four white translucent surface,intake of any of a translucent surface, from the rest of the three light emitting surface respectively radiate three RGB trichromatic light is light, said three.
- This is a splitter & combiner.There is light, from any of the three light emitting surface of red green and blue light respectively three intake,will send out white light from a surface residual, this is light.
Package Included:
1 xGlass Dichroic Cube Prism

More Details:

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