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1/2'' 360 Rotary Plastic Irrigation Sprayer Sprinkler For Home Garden Yard Lawn

  • $9.28

360°Rotary Irrigation Sprayer Sprinkler For Garden Yard Lawn
Material: Plastic
Color: As the picture shown
Pressure: 3~4 kg
Flow Rate: 1~1.2 m³/H
Spraying Diameter: 8~15 Meters
Adjustable Direction: 45°To 360°
External Thread Interface Size: 1/2 "
Size(L*W):28 x 12 cm
Scope Of Application: Agriculture,Lawn,Villa,Industrial Irrigation
1.Easy installation,water saving,general use of tap water.
2.The main material is high strength and high wear resistance plastic. The spring and center shaft are high quality stainless steel.
3.Equipped with torque regulator and diffusion screw, it can adjust range and elevation angle arbitrarily, water type is even, and it is difficult to form surface runoff.
Main Use:
1.In garden gardening, balcony, villas, gardens, irrigation, watering and other places widely used
2.In greenhouse spray water, farms and other cooling.
3.Often used as high-speed rail, highway prefabricated board maintenance sprinkler
4.Other places that require high atomization
How To Adjust The Range And Angle Of Water Control:
1.We turn the automatic return control ring outward to pull up. At this time, the nozzle rotates at 360 degrees when it rotates;
2.To control the size of irrigation vegetation area, as long as the "automatic return control loop" down the dial, and then poke "limit ring" angle, you can adjust the range of sprinkler irrigation you want.
3.Adjust the control angle of nozzle, the nozzle in the sprinkler operation, under the impact of water gravity rocker and stainless steel spring back and forth in shock force, the formation of back and forth beat, resulting in work, this is the automatic rotating nozzle.
4.Nozzle operation, when the automatic rotation is adjusted to the control angle, the reversing pull rod and the return control rod are touched to the limit ring, and then rotate back quickly under the shock of the rocking arm. That's how the sprinklers work back and forth.
Package Included:
1 x Irrigation Sprayer

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